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Here at McCormack Music Academy, we are committed to change lives and bring a positive impact to the community through music. We are determined to teach music to all those who want to learn, regardless of age, ethnicity, or medical condition. Students are guaranteed to receive the best musical education available through our passionate teachers, who each have at least over 10+ years of experience teaching and studying music as professionals. It all started back in 2011, when we first opened our doors. From then on, through our students, teachers and music, we have continued to make a positive impact in our student's lives as well as our community.




Our summer program is specially catered for kids, and it is designed to introduce them into the world of music through fun and interactive games.



In our annual summer concert, kids get to show off their skills while celebrating the end of the school year and the beginning of summer!



Our annual winter concert takes place around Christmas time, and all of our students come together to perform and celebrate a year of learning, and to welcome a new year.


Voice Teacher

Sonia McCormack

Piano and Voice Teacher

Our founder, and main teacher, Sonia McCormack graduated from the Superior Institute of Music and licensed in Music. She has degrees and in Piano, Harmony, Music Theory, and Music History studies. With over 30 years of experience, and as the former director of Vocal Luna Chorus, she has traveled all over the world as a professional musician, and has achieved many awards throughout her career.

Voice Teacher

Katherine Labaut

Piano Teacher

Katherine Labaut graduated from the Superior Institute of Music, and has had over 8 years of experience teaching theory and piano lessons.

Voice Teacher

Agianit Payan

Piano and Special Needs Teacher

Agianit Payan graduated from the National Music School, has had over 30 years of teaching piano and working with children with special needs.

Voice Teacher

Lien Colarte

Violin Teacher

Lien Colarte Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Music. Has had over 17 years of experience teaching violin in both private and public institutions.

Voice Teacher

María Elena Vallejo

Guitar and Voice Teacher

María Elena Vallejo graduated from the Amadeo Roldan Conservatory, with a degree in Guitar and Voice. She has over 40 years of experience as a professional guitarist.



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